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We strive to provide a supporting platform for up-and-coming journalists. We equip them with the tools they need to nurture their journalistic talents in a constructive and positive manner. We aspire for a non-commercial, co-operative model where the journalists do not accept or expect remuneration for their work but only due credit for their meticulous research and accruing engaging content.

Our Aim

Journalistic.org is focussed on providing well-written, unique content for all its audiences. We are not interested in re-hashing existing articles or saying something that has already been said. This is journalism, but not like you’ve read before.


We are able to write about a wide range of subjects through our extensive freelancer base, here are just a few industries we focus on:

Automotive, Sports, Health, Finance, Property, Education, Adult, Business, Home, Lifestyle and Opinion News

Media requests

Any requests for comment or article writing are welcomed, as we are able to fulfil these through our links with thought-leaders and experts in many fields.

We do the writing so you don’t have to. Unlike many other freelancing websites, we are specific and can provide the right journalist for your project needs through our broad knowledge and areas of expertise. We are looking for all opportunities large or small. Consider outsourcing your blogging or article writing needs for a fast and thorough solution.

Own Content

Our journalists write their own content and from time to time will send out pieces to publications and platforms. These are available for review upon request.

Wide Audience

Some of our writers’ work has been featured in the likes of the Guardian, the Mirror, NY Times and many more top publications. Email or call us today for industry-leading freelance journalism.

Types of projects we offer:
Article writing, Content writing, Blog posting, Report writing, Copy writing, Media requests

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