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The PR wing of Digital PR Agency Reboot Online, Journalistic strives to provide unique, data-driven research to support journalists in their search to cover angles and stories that are newsworthy and pique the interest of their readers. Each project we work on uses research that no one else can get their hands on, making it simply irresistible to journalists all over the world. To do this, we scrape, source and examine data - as well as conducting our own experiments - spanning across various sectors and fields.

Our Aim

Journalistic.org is focused on providing unique research to journalists working across a whole host of subjects and audiences. We are not interested in re-hashing existing articles or saying something that has already been said online before. It might sound cliche, but we do things differently and that’s what makes us unique and reliable to journalists.


We conduct research across various sectors thanks to our team’s extensive knowledge and experience. A few industries we regularly work on, and produce research for, include: :

Automotive, Sports, Health, Finance, Property, Education, Adult, Business, Home, Lifestyle and Opinion News

Media requests

We answer media requests from journalists through our links with industry-leading professionals and experts. Through our broad network and areas of expertise, we can help with just about anything. It’s our job to do the background work for you so you don’t have to.

We do the writing so you don’t have to. Unlike many other freelancing websites, we are specific and can provide the right journalist for your project needs through our broad knowledge and areas of expertise. We are looking for all opportunities large or small. Consider outsourcing your blogging or article writing needs for a fast and thorough solution.

Own Content

Our journalists write their own content and from time to time will send out pieces to publications and platforms. These are available for review upon request.

Wide Audience

Our work has been featured in many top publications all over the world, including the Guardian, the Mirror, and NY Times to name a few. We also conduct industry-specific research too, which has been featured in niche websites from property to golf, business to cryptocurrency, lifestyle to education, and even on governmental websites.

Types of projects we offer:
Article writing, Content writing, Blog posting, Report writing, Copy writing, Media requests

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