What We Do

We specialise in data-driven research to quench journalists’ thirst for fresh and unique stories to cover that is both newsworthy and, most importantly, interesting. Our team’s combined expertise and knowledge mean that we can conduct industry-specific research. Research that is built on both primary data, our own experimentation, or through meticulously analysing datasets to identify brand new angles that haven’t been covered before. This is what makes our work irresistible to journalists and content writers, and covered in nationals, niche-specific industry sites, and even .gov domains.

Why should journalists rely on us for content?

One-of-a-kind ideas

Through careful examination of trending topics and news on an hourly basis, our team of data and content specialists scope out subjects that haven’t been covered in the media before and extensively research in order to identify compelling stories that journalists can report on.

Scrape data to find stories

Data is at the heart of every single project we work on. Our team of data analysts are consistently scraping, examining and sculpting data to create unique newsworthy stories, turning numbers into gripping news stories to satisfy journalists’ demand for top quality content.

Our expertise is unrivalled

With a wealth of expertise at our fingertips, we are able to offer quotes to feature in journalists news articles or literary piece upon request. We also monitor media requests online hourly to ensure we are quick to supply journalists with any content or quotes when they need it.

Website pages with intent

There is a certain art for the creation of web pages. Your homepage ‘about us’ give a lasting impression of your company. Having given professional guidance and helped to design pages for a variety of companies; we can ensure that your website has a clean, professional and informative design.

Covered Sectors

  •  Business
  •  Culture
  •  Education
  •  Fashion
  •  Finance
  •  Home, Lifestyle & Opinion
  •  Media
  •  Motoring
  •  News
  •  Politics
  •  Property
  •  Sport

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