Why Britain wants to keep dancing!

Have you ever witnessed that captivating moment where there is the perfect silence? The audience, transfixed by the performer’s dance are completely enthralled and are held in that second in time. It’s a magical experience. When dancers engage with the music and the crowds fade away; there is nothing in their world other than their partner and the emotion of the dance. It’s enchanting. But what exactly creates that lure? Is it purely the rhythmic footfalls and patterns of step? Is it the expression on the dancer’s face? And do you need years of experience to achieve that perfect moment?  We look at why Britain wants to keep dancing.

The Romance

Human connection allows for an effortless portrayal of romanticism through movement. This is one of the reasons that the first dance is still a key tradition at weddings. Some modern dances have been chosen to be more celebratory in style, but originally, this was one of the tender moments that a couple were able to take for themselves, in amongst all of the chaos a wedding brings; and fully appreciate their love for their partner.

A tender moment between couples resonates with other people. Owing to society programming us to be private in our love for another individual; there are limited occasions in which we are allowed to witness utter love and devotion, making those moments all the more special.



The Love

Love and friendship isn’t simply reserved for couples. Parent-child dances, dances with grandparents and with close friends can show different forms of appreciation which can be equally enjoyable to watch. Whether it be the sweetness of a child dancing on their daddy’s feet, or the fun of best friends dancing together.


The Fun

Dancing is often a community event; a celebration, whether a Cèilidh, a Flash mob or a Rueda. Cruise ships often use dance as a form of entertainment, both with professional choreographed displays, and by getting passengers up and ready to dance on deck. Once people let go of their inhibitions, dancing can offer a great deal of fun and entertainment. It has also been proven to reduce stress and improve one’s health. And, as demonstrated in the video below, you’re never too old to enjoy dancing!


Precision, Strength and Flexibility

Professional dancers can often appear to defy gravity and appear to be flexible beyond logic and reason. The sheer strength needed for some moves is incredible, and quite often dancers will display this strength using areas of the body that are not usually used in everyday life. Precision is also vital for professionals performing tricky lifts, dips, turns and spins.

The Glitz and Glamour

Stunning outfits can be seen on programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing and when watching professionals dance. The clothing designs are innovative, unique and rarely spare the glitter and sequins! With daring cuts, these clothes are purely for show and wouldn’t be spotted out in public. Similarly, the performers often wear shimmering make up and have their hair styled to suit the dances they are performing.


The Thrill

High risk movements are undoubtedly impressive simply due to the sheer amount of training for their successful execution. Often the audience views the performance and thinks, ‘I wish I could do something that impressive.’ And some other moves are enough to take your breath away.

Raw Emotion

Dancing is often an attempt to tell a story and to express emotion. Dances can be contemplative, mournful, celebratory, lust-filled or comic. Almost any expression can be captured and offers a window into the life experiences of the performer. Talented dancers can give a convincing performance in which their storytelling through movement may portray strength, anger, bitterness, playfulness or passion.

Artistry and Captivation

Dance is packed full of expression, personality, and an easy way to view moving art. Whether symmetry of movement, choreographing moves to music or viewing some of the outfits in motion; visually, dance is stunning.
So if you’re still not ready to don your dancing shoes and head onto the dance floor; why not book in to see the professionals perform on stage? Flamenco, salsa, pole dance or tap; they all offer something unique and innovative, and offer entertainment for all ages.


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