Astounding 38% of parents admit to kissing their dogs more than their children

Astounding 38% of parents admit to kissing their dogs more than their children

Who do you greet first when you come home? You would think the majority of people would choose their children. Apparently not…

It’s a shocking discovery!

More and more parents are choosing dogs over their children when showing affection, which is astonishing considering the World Health Organisation have identified the risks pets may pose in the transmission of bacterial diseases.

Reboot Online conducted a UK based survey of 1,000 dog lovers tracking how each family displayed their affection to both their children and their dogs. They asked them to tally how many times they kissed their child, and how many times they kissed their dogs over the course of a day.

The children belonging to the families within the study were aged between 5 and 11 years old (school age).



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In the survey they also asked:

How many children do you have?

1: 29%
2-3: 67%
4 or more: 4%

How many dogs do you own?

1: 55%
2-3: 39%
4 or more: 6%

How much time do you spend with your children versus your dog?

61% of parents admitted to spending under two hours with their children per day.

54% claimed to spend 4 hours or more with their dogs in the evening, each day.

While respondents pondered their answers, you could feel their uncomfortable embarrassment when as they were confronted with their own answers.

While no parent would admit to loving their dog more than their children it seems we are a nation who are prone to puppy love!

This survey was also featured on Your Dog





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