Instagram account reveals calorie contents of our most-loved junk foods!

The term ‘comfort food’, has earned its name for a reason; these foods are there to be enjoyed from time to time, and with limitations. We all know how bad junk food is for us and society hasn’t exactly failed in their quest of naming and shaming products that are extremely bad for you! We know junk food is bad, hence its name and for that reason, a new Instagram account called Calorie Brands is tugging at our heartstrings.

Considering how much stick the media inflicts, year after year, for the necessity to be beach body ready, I think it’s entirely unnecessary to go and slap a great big calorie reminder on the things we like to indulge in from time to time. We don’t need reminding what’s unhealthy – the market is as clear cut as intensely possible!

Yet, two advertising students decided to go against the crowd and make it as clear as possible, what the foods you are ingesting are worth in calorie terms. 28 year old Alessia Mordini and 24 year old Rodrigo Dominguez who studied in Madrid, noticed how at this time of year everyone gets very body conscious, having to strip down to the bare minimum when it’s hot. The two students decided to use this as a base of their project. It is relatively easy to ignore the calorie count on a bowlful of Ben and Jerry’s or a few deliciously creamy spoonful of Nutella, so their ideas was to expose every mouthful.

The pair started re-designing the logos of some of our most-loved brands that are devoted to our junk food cause, and removed the words and replaced it with the calorie count. With 105,000 followers so far, no doubt their prominence will continue to rise and the pair choose carefully when their posts went up. For example, their first post revealed that one litre bottle of Absolut Vodka contains 1625 calories! Bear in mind, the recommended daily calorie allowance for men is 2500 and women is 2000.

So let’s digest (or not), exactly what we are ingesting when we have junk food!

Feature image credit: Designs by Jack/Shutterstock 

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