Instagram account reveals calorie contents of our most-loved junk foods!

The term ‘comfort food’, has earned its name for a reason; these foods are there to be enjoyed from time to time, and with limitations. We all know how bad junk food is for us and society hasn’t exactly failed in their quest of naming and shaming products that are extremely bad for you! We know junk food is bad, hence its name and for that reason, a new Instagram account called Calorie Brands is tugging at our heartstrings.

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British Brunch as told by history

A weekend without brunch is like a poached egg without its hollandaise sauce. For the majority of the British public, the weekend is incomplete without a brunch date, coupled with eggs Florentine and a bloody Mary or two to wash it all down. There is not a single reason we can find that can discredit the brilliance of brunch. A good brunch will have all its ingredients freshly sourced, squeezed and cooked with; and judging by the amount of ‘bits’ in your fresh orange juice, there is no debate to be had.

So let's take it back a notch and understand the history of a British Brunch. 

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Your dream career vs your parents

It’s a well-known fact of family life that parents live their desired dreams through their children. Once you hit a certain age, employability success becomes harder to tackle and the opportunity to change careers becomes less likely.

It’s also a well-known fact that the famous saying from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 ‘why do parents tell you to dream big, but not too big’ applies to each and every one of us – whether we like it or not!

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