What is Biohacking? How to Become Your Best Self Using Biology

We all want to perform our best, both physically and mentally. Whether it’s getting in shape, boosting memory or improving overall health, we love trying to better ourselves.

Self-improvement is the basis of biohacking: a means of becoming the best possible version of yourself by manipulating your own biology. But the scope of biohacking has grown over the years and the lengths individuals will take to “improve” themselves seem boundless.

So, what does “biohacking” really mean? Is it safe to practice and how can you apply its principles to upgrade your own life?

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Digital Art for Absolute Beginners

Digital art is more popular than ever. Whether we are consuming it as phone backgrounds and website profile pictures, in our favourite webcomics, or watching soothing TikToks of artists at work, it is everywhere. With the myriad of programs available, and hundreds of tools and brushes available in each one, it can feel as though anyone could take it up as a hobby–and anyone can! 

If it’s something you’re interested in, carry on reading as we break down what beginners will need to start their journey into digital art. 

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5 Free Ways to Train Your Brain and Improve Your Mental Capacity

5 Free Ways to Train Your Brain and Improve Your Mental Capacity

We all know the importance of exercise—the means of moving your body to improve blood flow, concentration and overall health. But few of us consider how important it is to also exercise our brains.

As we age, our cognitive skills and memory dwindle and even thinking becomes harder. But, by exercising our brain regularly, we can improve both our mental capacity and memory as well as delay cognitive decline.

Known as neuroplasticity, your brain has the ability to learn and grow throughout your life by reorganising its structure and creating new neural pathways. But to achieve this you need to be training and ‘exercising’ your brain regularly.

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From Cyprus to Japan: 7 Secret Ski Resorts You’ve Never Heard of

When it comes to ski holidays, we tend to be creatures of habit. We’ve danced on tables in St Anton’s Krazy Kanguruh bar, dared to ski ‘The Wall’ straddling the French and Swiss borders and bombed it down La Vallée Blanche in Chamonix. But have you ever skied in the Southern Hemisphere, or seen the snowy mountains of Montenegro?

In the UK we’re so focused on hopping over to the same European ski destinations (with Austria, France and Switzerland among the most popular destinations) that we’re missing out on other hidden alpine gems around the world.

It’s time to skip the queues and try somewhere new. Here are seven secret ski resorts you’ve never heard of and need to visit.

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The Quick Start Guide to Houseplants

Houseplants have soared in popularity in recent years, due perhaps to the increase in people working from home and wanting something to spruce up their offices. That’s not to mention the rise in houseplant-themed TikTok and Youtube accounts. No longer just the dusty spider plant clinging to life on your aunt’s window sill, houseplants have become a must-have household accessory. 

Houseplants come in all shapes, sizes, and even colours. Taking up room that used to be dominated by flowers in supermarkets, you can pick up your first houseplant as easily and as cheaply as you would milk. But while they often look pristine and perfect in the shop, they can begin to look a bit peaky once they’ve been in our homes for a while.

There are many mistakes beginners make when keeping houseplants, but don’t fret. In this short guide, we cover the most common issues and how to resolve them so you can create the jungle home you’ve dreamed of. 

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Crystals: What They Are and How They Can Help You

With TikTok videos, Instagram posts and your friends telling you to jump on the crystal trend, you may start to feel overwhelmed when you start doing a bit of research of your own. There is so much information online about them but knowing what crystals are and how they can help you is the first step to utilising their power. 

So, whether you’re looking to build up your confidence, overcome obstacles, give a boost to your love life and even attract wealth, there’s sure to be a crystal out there to help you. 

  1. Crystals for confidence
  2. Crystals for love
  3. Crystals to overcome obstacles 
  4. How to cleanse your crystals

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Is Social Media Growing Cosmetic Tourism?

It’s no secret that social media puts pressure on users to look, act, and live in a specific manner. Other than buying clothes that fit in with the new trend or visiting a restaurant that has been posted constantly on Instagram, how can you achieve the “perfect” look you see as you scroll through countless posts. Going abroad for cheap operations isn’t a new fad, but is social media growing cosmetic tourism?

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Is Negativity Losing Its Place on the Internet?

The dream for the internet, when it was first introduced, was to support human connection no matter the distance. What the founders may not have expected was the negativity and toxic atmosphere the creation soon descended into. However, it seems that negativity is being driven away by a barrage of accounts that only deliver positive news, movements that shape our world, and strict online laws that can change a person’s life. But, is negativity really losing its place on the internet?


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The Strangest Celebrity Product Lines

Photo Credit: GoodStudio/Shutterstock

Everyone knows at least one celebrity who has released a product or service that just seems a bit…weird. These tales of their outlandish ventures can often drive the sales as everyone scrambles to find out whether the product is truly as odd as it seems or if the hype was manufactured to create a buzz around the launch. Here are a few of the strangest celebrity product lines that will make you ask yourself why they even exist in the first place.

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