British Brunch as told by history

A weekend without brunch is like a poached egg without its hollandaise sauce. For the majority of the British public, the weekend is incomplete without a brunch date, coupled with eggs Florentine and a bloody Mary or two to wash it all down. There is not a single reason we can find that can discredit the brilliance of brunch. A good brunch will have all its ingredients freshly sourced, squeezed and cooked with; and judging by the amount of ‘bits’ in your fresh orange juice, there is no debate to be had.

So let's take it back a notch and understand the history of a British Brunch. 

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7 of the best web hoaxes

The internet is a mysterious place, full of fun, tricksters and trolls. So you’ve got to keep your wits about you. “Don’t believe everything you read” is a good motto to live by when surfing the web, although it’s not just news stories we have to be wary of, it can be a video shared on Twitter, an image, or anything really. There are always bogus stories trying to fool us, to get viral coverage and internet notoriety. The internet has offered up some fantastic viral stories that we just couldn’t help but fall for.

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Why blaming the ‘home wrecker’ when you get cheated on is the ultimate betrayal to feminism

Nothing irks me like the phrase ‘home wrecker’ does; mostly because it suggests that the infidelity and act of ‘home wrecking’ in question was somehow one sided. Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m in a relationship – monogamous or otherwise – I can’t exactly do it alone; the phrase ‘it takes two to tango’ comes to mind.

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Why Britain wants to keep dancing!

Have you ever witnessed that captivating moment where there is the perfect silence? The audience, transfixed by the performer’s dance are completely enthralled and are held in that second in time. It’s a magical experience. When dancers engage with the music and the crowds fade away; there is nothing in their world other than their partner and the emotion of the dance. It’s enchanting. But what exactly creates that lure? Is it purely the rhythmic footfalls and patterns of step? Is it the expression on the dancer’s face? And do you need years of experience to achieve that perfect moment?  We look at why Britain wants to keep dancing.

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Businesses; don’t get left behind by our society of change

BHS filed for administration on Monday after a long battle to find a buyer for the struggling high-street institution. 11,000 people face job losses as yet another household name enters the retail graveyard; with fashion house Austin Reed following suit on BHS’s old-fashioned coattails. We’ve seen the likes of Woolworths, Blockbuster, JJB, Comet, HMV and many others close their doors or go into administration in the last decade. Why have these businesses failed to adapt to our society of change?

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